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Susanne was our real estate agent in the new home we bought in Shoreline and she was AMAZING!!! We were buying the house from Las Vegas and our plan was buy a property that we could build a backyard cottage on, which we found out was much harder than we anticipated especially buying the property from out of state and not having it yet but having to determine if the property would work. When I first started looking I found Susanne and picked her as our agent because she had a great blog that had referenced to building ADU’s and made me thinking really was up on researching information relevant to real estate which I thought was cool. Susanne went over and beyond the regular real estate agent to help us call the city and find out what the regulations were and pre evaluate the property for our needs. Being in another state she Skyped and Facetimed us to look at house and really understood our needs as a buyer because we couldn’t see the houses in person until we put in an offer. We also had a lot of issues with the seller and things coming up with the house and our bank and she was always on top of things communicating with the other agent and the loan officers. She is not only a great real estate agent but an ethical one. She always conducted herself in a manner that made my family believe she didn’t just want a sale but wanted us to feel happy with our home choice. Susanne is truly a rare find as a real estate agent and you won’t be disappointed!

(Terese and family - Shoreline)

Working with Susanne to purchase our house brought support, encouragement, and peace-of-mind during a stressful and at times overwhelming process for first-time homebuyers. Susanne worked constantly to help us find a house during our search, which lasted two years! The duration was not at all a reflection of Susanne’s efforts, but more the kind of house we were looking for and the unfortunate bids we lost (little did we know, our house was still waiting for us… We became homeowners in October!). Suanne made herself readily available to take us to look at houses, to meet us at certain houses of interest, and also to answer our many (many!) questions at all hours of the day. We would definitely work with Susanne in the future if we ever decide to purchase another house. Her commitment to helping her clients find the right house was shown time and time again through her knowledge, patience, determination, and commitment to us. Thank you Susanne!

(J&A in North Seattle)

Susanne is great! After meeting a number of other agents and not wanting to work with them, we were recommended to Susanne and knew right away (while meeting up for a beer in our neighborhood) that she was the right person for us to work with on our house hunt. Somehow, and before we were probably really ready for it, we happened on "the one" on our first day of looking at homes with Susanne. We then jumped into the deep end of house shopping drama (while finalizing plans for our wedding). At the time we made the first offer, the seller didn't really want to sell and the seller's agent didn't seem to want to help her sell. Our offer was rejected, we made another offer, it was also rejected and we chose to walk away. A few weeks later and many unfortunate looking houses looked at, the seller's agent reached out and said they would now be interested and we decided to risk it and made a new offer. Success! Unfortunately we then learned about the inspection process and the importance of the sewer scope. The house had some major issues, including a broken sewer pipe, which Susanne helped us navigate. Even though the seller refused to be cooperative, we kept optimistic with Susanne's support hoping that we could reach a deal with the owner. She refused to work with us and again we chose to walk away from our dream home. We then paused to get married :) On our honeymoon our family noticed the original house had been having work done and that it was relisted at our last asking price. Crossing our fingers we decided to make one last attempt and called Susanne back into the ring to fight out the battle. She was incredibly graceful and didn't once say "are you nuts!" to us, but instead, pulled out her phone and got to work once again dealing with a difficult seller and incompetent seller's agent. Something must have worked because we are now in our new home and it is wonderful. On top of that, Susanne is now our friend and we can't say enough good things about how professional, fun and knowledgable she is. There are lots of agents out there to choose from, but Susanne is the best and she is amazingly good at helping home buyers navigate the chaos that is the Seattle housing market.

(Corina and Ian in Ballard)

"We interviewed several agents before selecting Susanne and we were really glad to have chosen her. She paid close attention to each of the specific features of the house and presented them well to prospective buyers.  We appreciated her efficiency and professionalism. She was very pleasant to deal with."  

Philip and Joan Irvin (Sold in Ballard)

We bought our home with Susanne a year ago, and couldn't have been happier with her dilligence and experience. We were very focused in an area, and it took almost a year for us to find our little dream house she was patient, always available to show us a house (sometimes with no notice- sorry Susanne!) 

This is a challenging market both in terms of pricing and inventory, but over many weekends Susanne was happy to tour us around homes we found online, and would send us suggestions of homes we would consider looking at.  

We had a fairly clear idea of what we were looking for, and Susanne would give us realistic insight into why she thought particular homes did - and didn't - meet our criteria. We left every house feeling like we were considering (or, more often, rejecting) it based on a good, objective understanding of its good and bad points. In particular, we didn't have the "hard sell" experience we have heard others talk about from their "buyer's" agent - it always seemed that she was as interested as we were in finding the right house, not just pushing any house to close a deal.Then, we found the home we wanted. For myriad reasons, it seemed to be out of reach: it was offered above our budget, it had great craftsmanship inside and out that made us wary of whether the price would be reduced further, and on top of that it was much smaller than what we initially thought we needed! We decided we wanted to wait and see and, a few months after the home was listed, the price dropped closer to our range. Susanne helped us through the contract and negotiation process and paperwork, and we agreed a price we could afford with the seller. In the next few weeks, there were tons of subsequent ups and downs and moments of drama over which we had little control - problems found in the inspection, subsequent contract changes, more negotiations. Susanne took call after call, offering advice, experience and suggesting possible paths for us to consider - always as an advisor, but leaving decisions clearly up to us. 

Right through the whole process we felt that thanks to advice from Susanne (and a great mortgage company who will get a separate review!) we were doing everything we could to get the deal done. She connected us to excellent professionals at various stages - never demanding that we use them, but relaying her experiences of them having worked out well on other transactions - and just generally just helped us feel really good about the decisions we were making. 

You will not be surprised to learn after this that we cannot recommend Susanne enough. We are sitting in a wonderful home today that we only like more every day, and that a year ago seemed might be out of reach. Much of this is due to Susanne and the her team who helped us work through the entire process, didn't give up, and who went the extra mile for us when it counted.  Ultimately the reason I would recommend her is her ability to actually get the job done, and in such a friendly, professional and supportive way.

Buying and selling properties are definitely processes, and I can't imagine more highly recommending anyone to help you anywhere along the way than Susanne Stauffer.

Rebekkah and Andy Madden (Ballard)

We purchased our home with Susanne's great support. We had no idea on many processes especially about financing, but she was not only very helpful but also made us feel very comfortable on this big purchase. Excellent knowledge and prompt communication. We strongly recommend to anyone and thank you again for finding us our perfect home!

(Maya and Casey in Kirkland)

"So fun working with Susanne!  Honestly I could not have been happier as a first time homeowner.  Her experience in the Seattle market was invaluable.  I ended up referring some friends who also ended up happy homeowners"

Dan A. (Ballard)

Susanne helped us find exactly what we were looking for. For some time, my husband and I could not agree on anything while house hunting. Susanne did a terrific job navigating us through the process, never taking sides, always making terrific points and offering up insightful information. When our dream house came on the market, Susanne made sure we saw it immediately and though there were other offers, we are certain that her professional skills were a big part of why we got the house. She was also very fair in negotiating commission and with her housewarming gift. We felt very lucky to work with such a genuine and professional agent, especially since we'd met a few who we did not get good vibes from. I'd recommend Susanne to anyone!
Sarah O (West Seattle)

We purchased our home three years ago with Susanne's great support. We had no idea on many processes especially about financing, but she was not only very helpful but also made us feel very comfortable on this big purchase. Excellent knowledge and prompt communication. We strongly recommend to anyone and thank you again for finding us our perfect home! Susanne, you are the BEST!

Maya and Casey S. (Kirkland)

"Buying our first house was such a big step financially... even after our offer was accepted there were times when we really doubted whether it was a wise financial decision for us and thought about backing out. Susanne was so calm and reassuring... didn't panic or pressure us, but just talked it through with us gave us our options clearly at every step of the way. That really helped!"

Amity F and John (Queen Anne / Interbay)

As a first time home buyer, I was nervous about the process and didn't know a lot about all the details. Erin and Sus were so supportive that everything felt easy and comfortable though. They took the time to talk through all my questions and filled me in on all the little things to watch out for. I appreciated how candid they were about the benefits and drawbacks of the different homes, offers and situations we encountered -  it really helped me make an informed decision. My long term happiness with my choice was clearly their priority. 

 - Kate Byers (Ballard)

I have never seen two ladies work so hard!  In a down market, they sold my house within 3 months.  I felt especially comfortable with them being over 2000 miles away while the process was going on.  The communication was incredible and everything went very smooth.  Susanne and Erin offered sound advice on pricing and market analysis and continually kept me informed the entire way!  Susanne and Erin go the extra mile for their clients and anyone should feel extremely comfortable.  There are very few TRUE Real Estate Professionals out there these days.  If you need a personal reference you may contact me at

Jeanne Belitz (Queen Anne/Interbay)

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU for your amazing service. Not only did you get me top-dollar when I sold my condo earlier this year but you somehow managed to pull off the impossible: coordinating selling my partner's old house and us buying our new dream house SIMULTANEOUSLY!  You two are a great team and you made everything look easy despite the chaos of these complicated sales. Thanks again.
Dale Wampler (Greenwood and West Seattle)

Your professionalism, friendship and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty have been monumental in finding the right home. I love my place and thanks so much for everything you have done! I'm looking forward to the next time we get to work together...

Margaret (Greenwood)

In the interesting world that is Seattle's real estate market, it is essential to have good agent representation. That's why Susanne and Erin have represented me through my arduous 8-month search for my own home. I had been working with an agent who was a friend of a friend. Unfortunately, that agent was not providing any real services. I was lucky to have called on one of Erin and Susanne's listings. When I met them at the property, I knew immediately that I wanted them as my agents.

After that meeting, they diligently sent me listings--the listings I really wanted to see--and were incredibly responsive. Over the past 8 months, Susanne and Erin have proven themselves to be the kind, professional, responsible, and honest people I took them for. So, as long as I'm in Seattle, I will not buy or sell a property with anyone else.

Aradia (Ravenna)