Susanne is a proud member of Reside. Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Representing home buyers and sellers in Seattle and surrounding communities since 2003. 

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Is Seattle Real Estate Chilling in the Fall?

September 29

The word is that several recent sellers have received very strong, full price offers on their homes that they have rejected, even after a week of market time. Why? Because the expectation has become that multiple offers are going to … Continue reading


Nothing Less Than Extraordinary

September 25

Our transition to Keller Williams as been amazing. It was bittersweet to leave the RE/MAX family after 14 years but several good reasons led me and my friends to make this change. Along with Dale, Erin and couple other superstars … Continue reading


Best Time of Year to List a Home in Seattle

March 08

I was just reading an article that claimed the two weeks of the year that homes sell the fastest and for the most money are the first two weeks of May. The thought is that most buyers start to look … Continue reading